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School leaver careers in accountancy

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Our Qualifications

The first 2 years will be spent studying towards the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) qualification. Upon successful completion of ATT you will continue on to study towards the CTA over the next three years which provides in-depth knowledge of specific technical matters across the broad range of taxation disciplines and is often seen as a key qualification for Tax practitioners. The CTA route will see you sit the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) exam. This covers General Taxations, Interaction of Taxes, Practice Ethics and Administration and some further specialist areas.

Study is a blend of college and online lectures, to allow for greater flexibility.

For more information, see and
Please be aware that qualifications and courses can be updated and are subject to change.

1st year

Work undertaken:

  • Company tax returns and computations. Personal tax returns. Being involved in projects within the Senior Accounting Officer department – working with clients, tax investigations, travelling to different sites etc.
  • Get involved in organising societies and events within the office such as away days, socials etc.


  • Commence ATT training contract
  • Commence 18 month apprenticeship which runs alongside ATT. Need to take separate
  • law and ethics e-learning papers, 3 written exams and online learning
  • One exam in Personal Tax

2nd year

Work undertaken:

  • Expanding on work undertaken in 1st year – more involvement in reporting, creating them from scratch etc.
  • Delegate smaller computations to 1st year School Leavers.
  • Starting tax investigations


  • Business Tax exam
  • Personal Tax exam
  • Optional paper – pick one of the following VAT, business compliance, corporation tax or inheritance tax
  • Complete 18 month apprenticeship

3rd year

Work to be completed

  • Advisory work – expanding senior accounting officer work
  • Get more involved in client meetings.
  • Prepare communications to be sent to the client
  • Increase independence in work. Give guidance and training.


  • Commence CTA training - 3 professional exams – pick two of 5 as ‘specialist level’ papers depending on which are most relevant to work being completed, then one more general ‘awareness level’ paper.
  • Case study – covers all taxes.

4th year

Work to be completed

  • Scope for delegating and managing increases.
  • Increased face-to-face contact with clients
  • Independent meetings on client site


  • Complete exams and case study if not completed over 3rd year

5th year

Work to be completed

  • Start to build allocation of clients being responsible for contact and work
  • Take on a first year who would take on similar work to what you took on during your first year
  • Look to specialise in a particular area of tax whilst also working on compliance work of tax provisions, computations.


  • If exams and case studies are completed, finish CTA qualification by logging enough hours to complete required amount.
  • Sit any resits that need to be taken