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School leaver careers in accountancy

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Career Timeline

We aim to get you through your exams and qualified within five years. But during this time you will also be building up a depth of practical experience. You’ll work directly with clients, exercise real responsibility and get plenty of opportunity to put your studies into practice. We provide mentoring and on-the-job coaching, as well as plenty of time for you to study and prepare for your exams.

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As you become more senior, you will take on more responsibility. Opportunities include international secondments, or working in other business areas outside your core specialism. In addition to your regular training, you’ll be able to access our Learning Portal online. Here you can choose from over 1,600 development options such as workshops and e-learning training courses, on areas as diverse as presentation, report writing and project management. We also offer a Personal Effectiveness workshop to help you improve the way you communicate both with colleagues and clients. You’ll receive an annual appraisal, a twice-yearly performance review, and individual feedback on all your major projects to help your career stay on course.

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If you are promoted to manager or assistant manager, our Management Essentials workshop will introduce you to your new role and responsibilities. It will prepare you for running larger teams and working with a broader portfolio of clients and sectors. You’ll also take charge of the development and coaching of the people you manage. Your input will also be needed in various other areas, such as our internal training programmes and sector focus groups to refine our business practices.

If you excel in performance and show great management potential, we will consider you for our fast-track Management Development Programme. This nine-month process runs alongside your daily duties, and will enable you to find out if you are ready for a managerial role. Your sponsoring partner and learning & development manager will help you create a plan to lift your career to the next level.

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Directors take charge of larger and more complex teams, providing solid leadership in their business area and ensuring the delivery of exceptional client service. If you attain a director’s role, your responsibilities will expand to include developing long-term relationships with clients, developing your professional networks both internally and externally, and securing new work for the firm.

But the support doesn’t end just because of your senior grade. We offer a programme of workshop modules focused on communication, leadership and commercial skills, to smooth your transition into the director role and help you develop your knowledge and expertise as you become more established. As you start to win work, we will monitor your progress to see if you show potential to be a BDO partner. We aim to identify prospective partners up to three years in advance. If selected, you’ll be advised by a senior partner sponsor (as well as your learning & development manager) on a tailored plan towards achieving this goal. This might include a secondment outside your business area, being part of a firm-wide leadership initiative, working on pitches, or shadowing senior partners.

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Congratulations – you’ve become a BDO partner. You may be a full partner, in which case you are one of the owners of the business, or you may be a salaried partner. Either way, you will continue to receive support and development to ease you into the role. The induction process includes working with your sponsor, mentor and learning & development manager to produce a “first 90 days plan”, as well as a longer term development plan.

As a partner, you are expected to be a true leader, winning new work, creating deeper client relationships and contributing to the overall development of the firm. This includes being a mentor to others, and helping to formulate the strategy that will carry our business forward.