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School leaver careers in accountancy

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Charlotte Pearce

Trainee case studies
Charlotte Pearce

Charlotte Pearce

tax trainee

My parents and all my family really are extremely proud of me. I have a well-paid full time job which I enjoy with so many career opportunities available once I am qualified. I have just bought myself a new car and am looking to move out in the next few years and I can afford to go on nice holidays and go to music festivals. I also still have time to continue with my hobbies, meet friends and just relax. It’s safe to say many of my friends very jealous of my position.

The School Leaver Programme offered a great business qualification (ACA), and provides you with a large range of skills and knowledge. I could be a fully qualified chartered accountant with no student debt in only 5 years throughout which I will be gaining priceless on the job experience as well as getting paid a salary.

I like the independence and responsibilities I am given. I am set work which I can get on with freely by myself and then pass over to be reviewed, though colleagues are always happy to help and support me if there are any areas I’m unsure of. I also get to interact with clients which makes me feel like part of the team and really involved in the delivery of our service.