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Connor Wyatt

Trainee case studies
Connor Wyatt

Connor Wyatt

tax trainee

I found the assessment process very enjoyable. The whole process from applying online to signing my contract was around a month, so it was much quicker than anticipated. I felt that BDO cared about me as an individual during the whole process.

I chose BDO as they were big enough to be able to work with large clients, and to have a great reputation within the accountancy industry, but small enough to care. Working in a large firm has also allowed me to work on a large variety of clients and projects. Such as fashion, property, natural resources, and shipping. In the future I can also have the opportunity to go on secondment to other departments and offices in the UK and abroad.

I like the variety, being able to work on different clients with different needs. Also taking part on Ad Hoc advisory work. I also like the fact that I am doing something which most people would consider I would be too young to be doing. I like telling people what I do and shocking them!