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School leaver careers in accountancy

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Mia Fisher

Trainee case studies
Mia Fisher

Mia Fisher

audit trainee

The increase in University fees did make me question whether it was the best route. After studying A Levels, I also liked the idea of being able to do something a bit more practical alongside studying.

You attend college and sit exams with other BDO School Leavers and this means there’s other people around you involved in the same process, so you can help each other out. I also found that other trainees in my office were willing to offer their help during my revision and this really helps encourage you to work hard and do well.

My parents always supported my decision and I think they’re really proud of what I’ve achieved. I left home in order to take this job and it has definitely given me a chance to stand on my own two feet which I’m sure they’re really pleased about!