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School leaver careers in accountancy

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Application process
Online ability tests

If you meet our criteria in your application form, we will invite you to complete two online reasoning tests, numerical and critical reasoning. These tests will assess your numerical reasoning and critical reasoning ability. To practice ahead of your ability testing, and learn more about your own strengths and how to prepare for a strengths-based assessment, we recommend that you visit where you will be able to complete practice ability tests.

Guidance for online ability tests

You will be updated by email when you are able to complete our online reasoning tests. The email will be sent to the email address you supply during your application so keep an eye on your inbox. Following completion of both reasoning tests you will receive a feedback report on your performance.

You will also be advised whether you have passed this stage in the assessment process soon after completion. If you pass both of our reasoning tests then you will be invited to the next stage of the recruitment process which is a video interview.

Further tips:

  • Make sure you’re relaxed and ready before you start the test.
  • Check you’re somewhere where you can concentrate and won’t be interrupted.
  • Our reasoning tests are time-recorded, rather than time limited. Therefore you take the time you need to respond to the questions. However, we recommend allowing up to 30 minutes to complete each test.

Please note: you may be chosen to be part of a random selection of applicants to be re-tested at a later stage of your assessment process.