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School leaver careers in accountancy

Still looking for a School Leaver Job? We still have positions available,
make your application before 1st September 2017


Application process
Online application

We will ask you about your academic background, work experience and extracurricular activities. This is an important opportunity for us to learn more about you and whether you are the right person to join BDO. As part of your application process, we ask that you take the time to reflect upon your strengths and whether BDO is the right place for you. When responding the questions you should share all relevant information that you would like us to know, without exaggerating - don’t sell yourself short..

It should take you about an hour to complete the online application form. As with our full assessment process, it’s the same for all applicants so that everyone can be assessed by our assessment experts in a fair, consistent and objective way. It is key that all candidates can demonstrate an understanding of the role applied for and are able to articulate this, including the professional qualification studied for, whether for a full time role or for a summer opportunity to demonstrate depth of understanding of a career in that area.

Remember to ‘Save as draft’ your form as you go through. Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll email you to confirm receipt, but you won’t be able to amend it any further. You can then track your application by logging back into the system.

Guidance for online application

Making a good application that helps you stand out from the crowd takes time, energy and thought. The key to success lies in preparation and careful research into the role, as well as consideration of your own skills – long before you log on to your computer. For details of the various business areas in which we offer graduate opportunities, see Vacancies at BDO.

So, as well as information about yourself, find out all about BDO and the accountancy profession so you’re sure you’re making the right choice. Here are some common-sense points to consider when completing your online application:

  • Answer each question fully and correctly. Present clear evidence that you have all the qualities and skills we’re looking for.
  • We’re interested in what you've done, but even more interested in what you do well and enjoy doing.
  • Write in rough first, reflect and re-write before completing detailed questions online.
  • Keep to the suggested word limits. Accurate, concise answers are generally better received.
  • Save your application regularly – you don’t have to complete it all at once.
  • Check grammar and spelling, and get someone else to proofread your application.
  • Print a copy of your application – in case you need to refer to it again.