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Risk and Advisory Services

In an ever-changing economic landscape, new risks are never far away. Banking disasters, economic hard times and high profile corporate failures are just some of the more high-profile examples of risks running out of control, but there are plenty more that do not make the headlines.

We help organisations to identify, understand and respond to these increasingly complex risks, which can arise from many factors including globalisation, changing technologies and evolving regulation. As well as enabling our clients to meet all their governance, risk and compliance needs, we also help them to respond proactively to those risks and seize opportunities.

Our internal audit and controls services enable companies to test and improve their internal controls, resulting in a stronger and more confident business. Similarly, our risk management services don’t just help to avert disaster – they can also enhance business performance. We can also examine the governance of an organisation – how effectively it is being run – and benchmark the performance of its Board and Audit Committee against the best examples.

Many people enjoy the variety of working across different industries and portfolios, where clients may range from a Premiership football club to one of the UK's largest zoos.