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School leaver careers in accountancy

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School Leaver

Let us pay for your training and we’ll let you unleash your talents

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A university education isn’t for everyone – some people want to get out there and start working and earning straight away. Our School Leaver Programme means you can do just that.

Here, you can gain highly-regarded professional qualifications alongside a permanent salaried career, all without the expense of funding higher education. At the same time, you’ll be gaining invaluable experience in a commercial environment, working on real business projects alongside leading industry professionals. We pay for all your training and we pay you for your work.

Your route to qualification

Our School Leaver Programme combines work experience with study towards your professional qualifications. For the first two years you will study towards the Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB) qualification and the Higher National Apprenticeship in Accountancy (HNA). If successful in these, you will continue on to study towards an appropriate professional qualification for your chosen specialism. This will usually be the ACA, but may be the CA (in Scotland) or the ATT or CTA if you intend to specialise in tax.

If you pass all your exams, then within 4 years you will be a qualified accountant. Scottish and BS&A candidates will remain on 5 year programmes.

Ever-present support

Make no mistake, your training with us will be hard work. But we want you to succeed as much as you do. So from day one you can draw upon an extensive network of support, including mentors, partners and your individual counselling manager. They are there to help you to settle in, to find the best ways to meet the challenges you will face, and to realise your full potential. In addition you will also be assigned a buddy (a more experienced colleague) and a student qualification manager, whose focus is to support you through your professional exams.

Your training

We pay for every aspect of your professional training. This is conducted by external tutor firms, except for CTA training which we offer in-house. We make sure you have all the study time you need, along with support and extra tuition if you want it. Consequently our results are excellent – often up to 10% above the national average.

Our training includes not only the specialist knowledge and practical skills you’ll need for your business area, but also a range of personal, management, client service and client-winning skills. Together they will help you to become a fully rounded BDO adviser.

Which qualification?

Choosing a particular business area and qualification may seem a daunting decision to make at this stage. We aim to give you as much information as possible about the options available, so you can see how well they fit in with your strengths and interests. Most of our school leavers then find that they are drawn to one particular area that “feels right”.

Please take the time to read about each area in this brochure, and on our website, to help you make the right choice. You can also watch videos of recent BDO trainees talking about their disciplines.