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School leaver careers in accountancy

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Technology Risk Assurance

Businesses depend on their technology like never before, and this dependence is ever-increasing. We help our clients to ensure that their systems deliver the maximum business benefits, while minimising the inherent risks.

Part IT-consultant, part business adviser, you will keep up with the latest technology trends in this constantly developing role. There are many distinct elements in the services we provide, so your work will remain varied and challenging.

For example, we address information security issues, helping organisations keep their data safe. We also help clients to create strong data privacy policies and procedures, and to comply with the tough regulation surrounding card payments, if their customers pay in this way.

Other areas of expertise include data analytics, to help with the management of data and getting maximum value from it, and internal audits of IT systems to ensure that these meet requirements. We also provide risk management on IT projects, and business continuity services to allow a business to recover from a disaster like the loss of its IT systems. The list of services goes on – as will your professional development.